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Blue / Cool White illuminated glass shelf - ready to install kit with a power supply and two LED strips (silver profile) LED ... View larger

Blue / Cool White illuminated glass shelf - ready to install kit with a power supply and two LED strips (silver profile)

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Profile colour: matte silver
Material: anodized aluminium
Light colours: warm white, cool white, blue/cool white

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Available dimensions:

- 41/18 cm - with loads up to 10 kg
- 41/35 cm - with loads up to 10 kg
- 61/18 cm - with loads up to 10 kg
- 61/35 cm - with loads up to 10 kg
- 81/18 cm - with loads up to 50 kg
- 81/35 cm - with loads up to 50 kg
- 121/18 cm - with loads up to 50 kg
- 121/35 cm - with loads up to 50 kg

The set includes:

- 8 mm thick glass shelf
- anodized aluminium profile (lengths: 41, 61, 81, 121 cm)
- for each piece: two LED SMD 3528 Premium strips (colours: warm white, cool white, blue/cool white - all come pre-installed)
- for each piece: 2 standard wall studs (for 41 and 61 cm shelves) or 2 metal wall studs (for 81 and 121 cm shelves)
- for each set: 24 W or 48 W LED driver
- for each set: a single key for installation and a screwdriver for 81 and 121 cm shelves

Warranty period: 2 years.

Thanks to its load capacity, our glass shelf is suitable as a decorative support for books, bottles or any other goods.
The two LED strips and covers come pre-installed in the shelf, providing the items presented on the shelf with discrete illumination.
The glass shelf is made of 8 mm thick glass.
A set of 2 or 3 shelves can create a designer racking system, with shelves illuminating both: themselves and each other, from above and below.

The product is completely ready for installation.

The light is switched on with a simple switch.
The glass shelves are made of tempered trasliscent glass with matte edges and are available in the following sizes:
61x35 cm and 81x35 cm.
Other sizes are available with matte glass finish.

The light disperses evenly in the glass and no single spots of light are visible.
All corners and edges have been polished.
The set contains, among other things, all necessary cables, one transformer, two studs.
When you buy shelves in sets you will also receive a splitter cable.
In short: just everything you need.
As mentioned, two LED strips are installed in the profile.
One of them is mounted under glass and the light is directed upwards.
The second one is located under the edge of the profile and is used to illuminate the area under the shelf.
Each shelf comes with a 180cm connection wire, which is supposed to be connected with the driver.
Standard dowels help to secure the shelf to the wall.
A hard wall is necessary for safe and stable installation.
Otherwise, the dowels supporting the shelf can come out of the wall as soon as something heavy is placed on the glass.

Power supply voltage230V AC (90-264V / 50-60Hz)
Light colourblue and cool white
inne funkcje
Aluminium coloursilver

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By (Ulm, Germany) on 31 Aug. 2018 (Blue / Cool White illuminated glass shelf - ready to install kit with a power supply and two LED strips (silver profile)) :

Leider IR Empfänger defekt, austausch klappt nicht !

Leider ist der IR Empfänger defekt, eine Rückabwicklung scheint schwierig, da das Board schon fest verbaut/gedübelt ist und es immer wieder an der Kommunikation hapert.
Das LED Board funktioniert grundsätzlich, jedoch nur ohne den zwischengeschaltenen Infrarot Empfänger (keine funktion der Fernbedienung). Diesen auszutauschen scheint eine grosse Herausforderung zu sein, da immer wieder von Netzteil und Fernbedienung die Rede ist (diese funktionieren einwandfrei).

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